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TANC - The Actuarial Network at City

TANC is a special interest group that organises events for Actuarial Alumni and friends of Bayes Business School and City University. We offer unique and interesting events in slightly wider fields than actuarial professional may typically have access to through their work. This is a unique opportunity for you to be involved in a community for those interested in continuing professional and personal development amongst like-minded professionals, alumni and friends and to have some fun too!


We are pleased to advise you that we will do our best to offer TANC events for free. As TANC is striving to be self-sustaining, we are looking for corporate sponsorship for our events. Being able to secure sufficient sponsorship would allow us to make our events free of charge.


Sponsors would benefit from increased exposure to a varied actuarial audience and networking opportunities. Please let us know if you are aware of any potential sponsors we could approach (e.g. your employer).


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