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Social Media: Collective Intelligence Trumps Elite Thinking?

​Presented by Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

7th November 2013


Social media is opening up the possibilities for trustees to benefit from a greater exposure to group thinking on the problems facing pension schemes. Given the right circumstances, groups of people are generally smarter than the supposedly more intelligent individuals within them. This talk uncovered developments in the arena of social media to connect the thoughts of various sections of the pensions community.


Authentic Leadership

Presented by Guy Gumbrell

12th September 2013


This talk involved the audience in a debate about what makes authentic leadership and why it might be a good thing for every business, and every individual. Discussion points included:

  • Authentic leadership and emotional intelligence – theory and practice; illustrations from business practice 

  • Trust and leadership – stakeholder expectations of leadership 

  • Bringing the ‘you’ to work – Do you bring the real ‘you’ to work? Should you? If so, how much?


How to Gamble if you Must (courtesy of the Reverend Bayes)

Presented by Prof. David Spiegelhalter

13th June 2013

When the Reverend Thomas Bayes died in 1761, he left behind two revolutionary ideas: 

  • expressing our uncertainty about current or future states of the world as a probability distribution, and 

  • how to revise our probabilities in the light of experience.

Bayes’s mathematical legacy not only helps take some of the guesswork out of betting and forecasting, but also provides a coherent way of reasoning with ‘epistemic’ uncertainty – when we admit we don’t know what is going on. In this thought-provoking talk, David enlightens us as to how Bayes' ideas are still relevant in today's world.


Watch the talk here: Part 1 & Part 2 (please see note for CPD verification purposes)



Panel Discussion: A Survival Guide to being an Actuarial Student

Sponsored by The Actuarial Profession

21st February 2013

In this interactive panel discussion, a panel of newly-qualified actuaries of the UK Actuarial Profession and a panel of employers from each of the main actuarial fields gave some top tips on:


  • How to maintain a healthy work/life/study balance

  • Effective studying while working

  • How to be a good worker – from top student to top employee

Read a review of the event



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