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2019 Events

The Genetics and Genomics of Human Lifespan

Presented by Peter Joshi, University of Edinburgh

21st November 2019

Peter Joshi is a Chancellor's fellow at University of Edinburgh. Having completed his PhD thesis on the benefits of genetic diversity in 2015, he is now a genomic researcher, leading a small lab focused on human lifespan and healthy ageing, working with very large datasets (eg ~1 million lives). He was previously a financial services executive and actuary specialising in life insurance and pensions, including roles at Tesco Bank, Standard Life Bank and as Standard Life's Appointed Actuary ~2003.

In this talk, Peter went through recent developments in understanding DNA and his work on how it affects how long we live. He also discussed the potential implications for life and annuity underwriting.

Read a short article about this event (page 37)

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