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The Actuarial Network at City (TANC) was set up in August 2007 as a means of providing a stronger network for the actuarial alumni of Bayes Business School.


TANC's three main aims are:

  • To be a dynamic community where actuarial alumni can maintain contact with each other, network and socialise with like-minded professionals and friends and benefit from continuing personal and professional development while having fun

  • To foster a continuing relationship between Cass and its actuarial alumni post-graduation

  • To encourage the actuarial alumni community to provide promotion and support to Cass on an ongoing basis.


To do this, a TANC committee was established, comprising of Bayes Professors and Bayes alumni who are business professionals in the actuarial industry.



To achieve our objectives, we identified three strategies:

  • To organise unique events of interest for actuarial alumni and their business contacts, which add value to attendees and provide networking opportunities

  • To provide support to current students of Cass, who are the alumni of the future, and to thus encourage an ongoing relationship with TANC once they have left the university

  • To open doors to the actuarial industry through sponsorship contacts


TANC’s main focus is to organise unique events in slightly wider fields than actuarial professionals may typically have access to through their work.



A Brief History

The first TANC committee meeting was held on 22 August 2007, attended by David Freedman, Jackie Daldorph, Theresa Dzendrowskyj, Parvinder Matharu and Richard Verrall. David Freedman was nominated as first TANC committee chair. Jean Eu and Dhruv Haria joined the committee shortly afterwards, in September 2007.
TANC's inaugural event was held on Tuesday 12 February 2008 in the Auditorium and was a talk by Aubrey de Grey on the “Prospects of Extending Healthy Life”.


About TANC

TANC Committee 2007/2008:

(L-R): George Giorgaki (alumni rep), Jackie Daldorph, Parvinder Matharu, David Freedman, Dhruv Haria, Jean Eu

Networking over drinks and nibbles at a typical TANC event.

Dr Aubrey de Grey speaking at the inaugural TANC event on 12 February 2008

The panel at the inaugural TANC event on 12 February 2008.

(L-R): Prof. Steve Haberman, David Freedman, Dr Aubrey de Grey

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