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Past Events

Details of previous TANC events can be found here:

CPD and PPD verification

Those who attend our events will receive an email confirming their attendance. This is typically sent out a few days after the event. If you have attended one of our events and not yet received a confirmation email, please get in touch.

Please note that we are unable to verify if anyone has viewed our online videos. If you claim CPD or PPD for watching any of our online content, the IFoA will accept a screenshot at the end of the video as evidence. Please see the IFoA handbooks for more details.

Feedback from previous TANC events

"Interesting and thought-provoking"



"Good discussion at the end of the presentation"

"Very informative and practical"

"A much broader and unusual look at what actuaries might need to consider in the future"

"TANC is one of the only organisations that puts these people in front of us"

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