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Venture capital and missed opportunities

Presented by Prof. Charles Baden-Fuller

13th November 2008



Learning from rate events: How organisations learn (or fail to learn) from unusual experiences

Presented by Prof. Joe Lampel

16th October 2008



Actuarial Alumni Reception hosted by TANC

18th July 2008


This event was held at Cass Business School.



Umbrellas, surfboards and water hoses; being at home with change

Presented by Prof. David Sims

12th June 2008



The age of the amateur - what the rise of user-created content is doing to marketing

Presented by Prof. Caroline Wiertz

24th April 2008



TANC Inaugural Event: Prospects of Extending Healthy Life

Presented by Dr. Aubrey de Grey

12th February 2008


"A sell out performance!  The auditorium was absolutely full, with everyone wanting to hear more about the provocative hypothesis that metabolic intervention known as 'Robust Human Rejuvenation', can add an addition of 30 years of healthy life to people who are already in middle age at the start of treatment. Furthermore that 'The first 1000-year-old is probably less than 20 years younger than the first 150-year-old'.


Dr Aubrey de Grey's logic and modelling was compelling, and accompanied by an engaging fluid presentation style. Many of us left feeling a little worried, particularly about the possible social and political consequences.  Professor Steve Haberman's response led to a series of questions - ably chaired by David Freedman - which only stopped when we ran out of time.  Discussion continued with popular post event drinks, with the view that longevity enhancing treatment would need to be available to all, being one view hotly discussed.


A great start for TANC - the biggest alumni special interest group meeting.  A lot of momentum and enthusiasm was generated for future events for alumni and our wider community of friends.  Thanks must go to all our TANC committee members, Professors Verrall and Haberman, Theresa Dzendrowskyj and Cass Alumni Relations."


View video of Aubrey de Grey's presentation (please see note for CPD verification purposes)


View photographs of the event


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