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2017 Events

Cyber Insurance: A Brave New World

Presented by Otto Beyer, Guy Carpenter

9th November 2017

With recent cyber attacks dominating the news headlines, cyber risk and insurance has become a conversation that can no longer be ignored or put away for later. Demand for cyber cover is rising and it is forming part of business’ key risks. Insurers are faced with a new challenge and problem to solve in this area.


This talk discussed the current state of and the potential future directions for cyber insurance. Reflecting upon practical examples, the talk covered the forms of cyber related risks, the current challenges faced by insurers in providing cover for this risk, and the future course of this market.

Watch the video of the event here - forward to 2:00 minutes to watch the start of the event (please see note for CPD verification purposes)

Disrupting the life insurance market: What part can behavioural science and technology play?

Presented by Richard Purcell, Hymans Robertson

14th September 2017

The life insurance market has seen relatively little disruption to date. However technology and behavioural science have been drivers of disruption in various other markets. The question is how can they be harnessed to do the same in the life and critical illness markets?

The talk started by considering how the need for life and critical illness insurance is evolving, and the challenges traditional insurance models face. Richard then explored some key behavioural science theories and new technologies such as wearables, and how they could be applied in an insurance framework. Case studies were used to analyse some of the early successes and challenges where these technologies and techniques have been applied so far.

Watch the video of the event here - forward to 3:40 minutes to watch the start of the event (please see note for CPD verification purposes)

Read a short article about this event (page 38) 

Leading in Turbulent Environments - Lessons from Formula 1

Presented by Dr. Paolo Aversa, Cass Business School

13th June 2017

Firms compete in ever changing environments. Markets are increasingly more dynamic and volatile. New technologies continuously disrupt industry standards, and interconnectedness turns local phenomena into global megatrends, while regulations sometimes limit, sometimes boost technological breakthroughs. Dr Aversa’s awarded studies in the hypercompetitive world of Formula 1 identify a set of observable factors that can reveal timely lessons that are applicable across different industries and competitive settings. These factors suggest the importance of combining an analysis of both internal aspects within the organisation, as well as the environmental aspects in the competition.


With the help of case studies, Paolo demonstrated how the world of Formula 1 can teach us things that can be applied to the actuarial world.

Watch the video of the event here - forward to 5 minutes to watch the start of the event (please see note for CPD verification purposes)

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Panel Discussion: A Survival Guide to being an Actuarial Student

16th February 2017

This interactive event was aimed at students who have joined the UK actuarial profession within the last two years, or those who are in their final year of an undergraduate or postgraduate actuarial degree. Our panel of newly-qualified actuaries as well as employers from each of the main actuarial fields gave some practical tips on:


  • How to maintain a healthy work/life/study balance

  • Effective studying while working

  • How to be a good worker – from top student to top employee

Read a short article about this event (page 37)


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