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2023 Events

An Ode to Bias: Putting the Climate Cat Amongst the Pigeons

Presented by Dr Tom Philp & Dr John Wardman, Maximum Information

9th November 2023

From Donald Trump to Greenpeace, there is a wide spectrum of opinion when it comes to climate change and its impacts on hazards and disasters.

Here we put as many spins on the science as possible to uncover what we know, what we don't know - and even what we can't know - to prepare you for the multifarious audiences you have to face as practioners in a market affected by severe climate uncertainty.

About the speakers:

Dr Tom Philp is Chief Executive Officer at Maximum Information, an independent catastrophe

risk intelligence provider. He has a PhD in Meteorology from the University of Reading and was

the Insurance Sector Champion for the Sector Engagement project of the EU’s Copernicus

Climate Change Service between 2015-2017. He is currently a Research Associate of the

Philosophy Department at the London School of Economics, and an Honorary Research

Associate of the Department of Earth Sciences at University College London. In the past, he has

been a Visiting Researcher at the University of Miami/NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division.


Dr John Wardman is the Chief Commercial Officer at Maximum Information, where he

assists clients with developing views of risk and evaluating catastrophe models. He engages

with a wide network of academic collaborators on bespoke thought leadership studies across

multiple peril-regions. John received his PhD in Hazard & Disaster Management from the

University of Canterbury in New Zealand and is a Fellow of the London Geological Society.

View presentation slides here

Watch the video of the event here (please see note for CPD verification purposes)

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